Sunday, 23 May 2010

The Pope is Coming to Town!

I don’t follow a religion – I guess I would be called an Atheist. As such, I presume I am a member of the largest ‘religious’ grouping in the country. As far as I can see there are less than a million practising Catholics in the UK.

Their leader, the Pope, is visiting the UK this year! This is obviously a very big deal for those million or so Catholics. I understand from the news that he will be holding open air masses for 400,000 people – nearly half the Country’s practising Catholics!

Probably like most people who have heard references to this visit on the airwaves, I sort of absorbed the information, but gave it no further thought other than how bad the traffic would be around those open-air masses!

But then I heard about the cost.


Who pays? Well, the Church is paying £7,000,000. They only have half that at the moment, so they will be passing the collection plate around, to try to raise the other half.

That’s OK then – it just means that £43,000,000 will be found by the British tax payer.

I thought we were short of money?

It must be because Vatican City is an important trading partner... or something.

I’m really sorry, but I just don’t get it!


admin said...

It's crazy and disgusting. If that rotten old homophobic, woman-hating, child-raping condoner wants flags waved, let them pick up the whole tag. Better still, give the money to AIDS charities (to education) or to food-growing projects at schools in Africa... any number of things that would change millions of lives with 50 million quid. Let the Pope say his prayers quietly to himself.

admin said...

That was me, chloe - not 'admin', by the way. Strange.