Friday, 11 April 2008

Pint of bitter, please, love

I went for a drink the other day at my son’s pub. During the course of a conversation, I heard about the new adjustments to the Sex Discrimination Act. I couldn’t believe it at first, but my understanding is that I could be prosecuted (or the landlord could) for calling a barmaid ‘love’ or ‘darling’.

I haven’t seen any clear guidelines.

What happens if I call a barman ‘love’? ... or ‘mate’?

What happens if a barmaid calls me ‘love’?

Harriet Harman appears to be blaming this move on European legislation – but can you imagine how this kind of legislation would go down in France.... ma petite chou-fleur?

I believe I started getting the same feelings last time we had a Labour government for too long – why can’t they let me look after myself?

If one of my son’s customers upset one of his staff, I should think she could handle it – and if she couldn’t, then he would!

Or maybe they should just call the police!

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Chloe Wolsey said...

Look, sweetie - its all elementary. We are all meant to never leave the house ever again, bloating on GM, getting everything brought to our tiny capsules... Never meet another's eyes, or say a word, lest we get zapped & clapped into a jail. Or injected with a chip - then not a one of us can move an inch without being monitored.
Mine's a stout, please, darling.